The National Police Chief Wants that Reporters of the ITE Law must be victims, they cannot be represented

The National Police Chief, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, gave instructions to his staff to make guidelines on solving cases using the Electronic Information and Transaction Law (ITE).

One thing that needs to be regulated is that reports with the articles of the ITE Law which are offenses on complaints are reported directly by the victim. Berita Terkini

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“Please make some sort of STR or instructions so that they can be used as a guide for investigators when they receive a report,” said Sigit in the Police Rapim, Tuesday (16/2/2021).

“If necessary, if there is certain reporting in the form of a complaint offense, the victim must be reported. Do not be represented again. This is so that there is no origin to report, later we will be inconvenienced,” he added. Berita Hari ini

This follows a directive from President Joko Widodo who emphasized that there should be no more use of the rubber articles of the ITE Law to criminalize certain parties.

Sigit also said that the settlement of cases using the ITE Law must prioritize mediation between the reporter and the reported. Berita Politik

He was of the opinion that there was no need for detention if the reported case did not have the potential to cause conflict in the community.

“If necessary, if it does not have the potential to cause horizontal conflict, then there is no need to be detained. So the mediation process cannot be done, yes, there is no need to be detained. Except for those that have the potential to cause horizontal conflict,” he said.

In addition, Sigit also instructed the virtual police to be activated immediately. The aim is to provide education to the public on social media about cases that can be ensnared by the ITE Law. Finance Solutions

“The virtual police reprimands and explains the potential violation of the article with the threat of such punishment. Then given what he should do. Please cooperate with Kominfo, so that if there is such content, the virtual police will appear before the cyber police come down,” he said.

According to him, in this case the National Police can also cooperate with social media activists or influencers. That way, the public will truly understand education about the ITE Law.

“I think this can involve influencers who are liked by the community, so that the educational process is felt comfortable, not only frightening, but makes people interested and aware and understands what is and isn’t allowed,” said Sigit.

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