The Corruption Eradication Commission investigates the flow of money that Zumi Zola received through his ex-wife, Sherrin Tharia

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) is investigating the flow of money received by former Jambi Governor Zumi Zola in the alleged bribery case or the ratification of the 2018 Jambi Provincial RAPBD.

The investigation was carried out when the KPK examined Zumi Zola’s ex-wife, Sherrin Tharia; Zumi Zola’s biological mother, Harmina Djohar, Alvin Raymond, student; Asrul Pandapotan Sihotang, private; Arnold, director of PT Andica Parsaktian Abadi; and Wilina Chandra, entrepreneur. Berita Terkini

They were examined at the Red and White KPK Building on Wednesday, December 8, 2021.

“The witnesses were present and their statements were examined, among others, related to the alleged receipt by AF (Apit Firmansyah) to be given to Zumi Zola and the flow of funds by AF to several parties in the Jambi DPRD,” said Acting KPK spokesman Ali Fikri in his statement, Thursday. (9/12/2021). Berita Politik

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Apit Firmansyah is a new suspect in this case. Apit Firmansyah is said to be Zumi Zola’s confidant. Apit has been named a suspect in receiving bribes and gratuities related to the procurement of goods and services project in Jambi.

Long before Apit Firmansyah was snared, the KPK first ensnared Zumi Zola. Zumi Zola has been found guilty in this case and received gratuities. Zumi Zola was sentenced to 6 years and a fine of Rp. 500 million, subsidiary to 3 months in prison.

Jambi Provincial Government Officials Become Suspects
Apart from Zumi Zola, the KPK has also named other Jambi Provincial Government officials as suspects in this case. In fact, many members of the Jambi DPRD have also been ensnared in this case. The majority of the suspects have been found guilty by the court. Berita Hari ini

Currently, there are only five defendants who will still undergo the trial process for the alleged bribery case related to the ratification of the Jambi Province RAPBD for 2017-2018. Four of the five defendants were former members of the Jambi DPRD. While the other defendant is a businessman. Finance Solutions

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