Risma Says There Are Residents With Spacious Houses in Menteng Elite Areas Still Get Social Assistance

Risma Lanjutkan Bansos Covid-19 di 2022. ©Liputan6.com/Yopi Makdori

Social Minister Tri Rismaharini said that there are residents who live in the elite Menteng area, Central Jakarta, still receiving social assistance (bansos). Berita Terkini

“It’s in the Menteng area,” Risma said during a press conference at the Ministry of Social Affairs Building, reported by Antara, Thursday (11/18).

Risma explained that the resident who received the social assistance in Menteng had a house with an area of ​​more than 100 square meters. According to the Ministry of Social’s rules, a house with that size is not entitled to receive social assistance, let alone living in the elite area of ​​Menteng. Berita Politik

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According to Risma, apart from owning a 100 square meter house, those who receive regular income from the government are not allowed to receive social assistance. “We will submit the findings to the local government for re-examination and follow-up.”

The Ministry of Social Affairs will also periodically update data to improve the accuracy of targeting beneficiaries. The Ministry of Social Affairs also performs matching with the Population Identification Number (NIK) registered with the Directorate General of Population and Civil Registration (Dukcapil) of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

“We do continue to improve, we rely heavily on the regional (government),” said Risma.

Previously, Risma said that there were around 31,000 state civil servants (ASN) who were indicated to receive social assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs, be it assistance for Family Hope Recipients (PKH) or Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT).

“So after we submitted the data to the BKN, the data indicated that there were 31,624 civil servants,” said Risma.

Risma explained that the data was obtained when the Ministry of Social Affairs conducted periodic verification of data on social assistance recipients. Of the 31 thousand, 28,965 people are active civil servants and the rest are retirees who actually cannot receive social assistance. Berita Hari ini

He even mentioned that the ASN profession received social assistance from various backgrounds, such as educators, medical personnel, and so on. Finance Solutions

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