Restaurant entrepreneur dies in front of his house allegedly attacked by unknown people

A Padang Restaurant entrepreneur was found dead in front of his house in Nagasari Village, West Karawang District, Karawang Regency, West Java, Wednesday (27/10/2021) night.

The victim, named Hairul Amin, 54, was allegedly killed by an unknown person. Berita Terkini

Kasatreskrim Karawang Police, AKP Oliestha Ageng Wicaksana confirmed the incident.

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“Yes, that’s right, members of the Criminal Investigation Unit, the Resmob and the identification unit that night immediately checked the crime scene and evacuated the victims,” ​​he said Thursday (28/10/2021).

Oliestha explained that the victim was allegedly beaten by an unknown number of people in front of her house on Jalan Jeruk No. 3A RT 001/11 Nagasari Village, West Karawang District. Berita Politik

The victim died from a gunshot wound to the head.

“It is suspected that the victim was beaten up at 23.49 WIB before midnight,” he said.

According to Oliestha, at that time the victim’s child, Rizca Putri (21) who was in the house heard a cry for help and immediately rushed out of the house.

He found his father was lying covered in blood and his father’s leg was hit by the motorbike he was driving.

At the same time he heard the sound of a motorbike running away at high speed. Berita Hari ini

It is suspected that the perpetrator of the murder of his father was riding a motorbike that was on the gas.

“The child immediately approached the victim and picked up the motorbike. At that time the victim stretched out his hand but suddenly went weak and at that time the witness saw that there was a lot of blood on his head,” he explained.

Seeing this incident, Rizca Putri immediately ran into the house and told her mother, Neliwati (49).

The victim’s child also woke the employee of the victim’s Padang restaurant to take him to the hospital.

“But it turns out that the victim has died,” he said Finance Solutions

Oliestha added that his party had examined a number of witnesses and conducted investigations at the scene.

The victim’s body has also been autopsied for investigation. However, he did not specify which parts of the wound suffered by the victim.

“I’m allowed to focus on handling the case, please pray for me,” he explained.

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