Regarding Habib Bahar, PA 212 shrunk, Asks for Peace to the Police, Novel Bamukmin: Familyly

Habib Bahar bin Smith was not afraid to face the police report. In the video that aired on his YouTube channel, Refly Harun read the message delivered by Habib Bahar. To Refly Harun, he said that he was ready to face the report.

Habib Bahar admitted that he was used to being reported from the era of President SBY’s leadership until now. “I’m used to being reported by Bang Refly, from the SBY era until now, let alone one or two reports, I will still face a thousand reports as a law-abiding citizen,” Habib Bahar said in a written message to Refly Harun, quoted by, Tuesday. (21/12/2021). Berita Terkini

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The Deputy Secretary General of the Alumni Brotherhood (PA) 212 Novel Bamukmin hopes that the police will be fair in responding to the reports against Habib Bahar Bin Smith and Eggi Sudjana. Novel Bamukmin is lenient and hopes that this case will be resolved amicably. Berita Hari ini

“Because the current policy is to prioritize clarification and prioritize amicable settlement from both parties,” Novel Bamukmin told, Tuesday (21/12). Novel Bamukmin said that this needs to be done so that it does not become a commotion and is accompanied by political interests.

However, he emphasized that if Habib Bahar and Eggi Sudjana are prosecuted, the other reported parties suspected of committing crimes against blasphemy and the ITE Law must also be processed. Berita Politik

“Among them are Dudung Abdurachman, Sukmawati, Muwafiq, Ade Armando, Guntur Romli, Abu Janda, Viktor Laiskodat, and Habib Kribo,” he continued. According to Novel Bamukmin, these names are the main cause of the uproar in Indonesia.

Previously, Habib Bahar and Eggi were suspected of spreading information aimed at causing hatred and/or hostility to individuals and/or groups based on SARA and/or insulting the state authorities. Report against Habib Bahar and Eggi Sudjana registered under number LP/B/6146/XII/2021/SPKT Polda Metro Jaya, dated 7 December. Finance Solutions

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