PPKM Level 3 End of Year, Cinemas and Tourist Attractions in Bandar Lampung Closed

A number of places will be tightened during the Implementation of Level 3 Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) ahead of the turn of the 2022 new year. Berita Terkini

Mayor of Bandar Lampung, Eva Dwiana, said that the tightening in the city would be carried out starting on December 22, 2022.

“We are currently holding a meeting with Forkopimda to socialize that starting on December 22, the restrictions in Bandar Lampung will be tightened. We will review all hotels and cafes,” said Eva.

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During the PPKM Level 3 period, Eva continued, cinemas and tourist attractions will be temporarily closed. “Cinemas are temporarily closed, tourist attractions are also closed. Also, wedding receptions are not allowed during PPKM Level 3,” said Eva. Berita Politik

Meanwhile, malls, restaurants and supermarkets may operate with stricter health protocols. “Hopefully this can suppress COVID-19 cases, especially since there is Omicron, which has caused several countries to lock down,” said Eva. Berita Hari ini

In addition, the city government will also increase vaccination activities for the community by door to door. “Mother asks for help for those who have not been vaccinated, later, the mother will come to her house. Because sometimes there is something hidden, you haven’t said it yet. If there are people who have not been vaccinated, then the mother will seduce you,” concluded Eva Dwiana. Finance Solutions

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