Police Investigate Stray Bullets at Residents’ Houses in Kebon Jeruk

The house of a resident on behalf of Ahmad Maulana in Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, was hit by a suspected stray bullet, Monday (12/4).

The police have also conducted an investigation into the alleged stray bullets. Berita Terkini

From the information gathered, the incident began when the owner of the house heard the sound of an explosion and shards of plasterboard at around 05.30 WIB.

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After checking, the owner of the house found a projectile between the pieces of plasterboard in his house.

“It is true, we are still investigating the origin of the bullets,” said Kapolsek Kebon Jeruk, Kompol Robinson Manurung when confirmed, Monday (12/4). Berita Hari ini

Robinson explained that his party had visited the location to conduct an inspection. At that location, Robinson continued, his party had secured one projectile that was found.

“There is only one (projectile), now it has been taken to the Police, we will investigate it first,” he said.

Robinson confirmed there were no victims in the incident. He explained that the incident only caused material loss in the form of damage to the victim’s house. Berita Politik

“Nothing was hit (bullets), only the ceiling (was damaged)” said Robinson. Finance Solutions

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