Police: Cowboy Duren Sawit Holds Airsoft Gun for Fear

The police stated that Muhammad Farid Andika (MFA) carried out a cowboy action in Duren Sawit, East Jakarta out of fear.

Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Yusri Yunus said, based on MFA’s confession, at the time of the incident there were also many people at the location. Berita Terkini

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“He conveyed it at the time of the incident because there were people at the time and someone hit the hood of the car and they were afraid that they took out a weapon,” said Yusri at Polda Metro Jaya, Wednesday (7/4).

Yusri disclosed, MFA itself had left the scene. However, he then returned to the location to help the accident victims.

“He had time to go and come back to see the victim,” he said.

On that basis, said Yusri, there was a discourse on the part of the victim’s family not to continue the traffic accident case. Berita Hari ini

“The discourse is there, the perpetrator has apologized. The victim has also said that he will not want to continue. I will check again because that is just a discourse,” he said.

It is known that the street cowboy action carried out by the MFA took place in the Duren Sawit area, East Jakarta on Friday (2/4) in the early hours of last morning.

In this action, MFA pointed a gun after berating a motorcyclist for having collided.

The MFA was named a suspect and detained. He was charged with Emergency Law No.12 of 1951.

The police developed this case and finally arrested AM alias S as the seller of the airsoft gun to the MFA. Berita Politik

“One person we have named a suspect, namely the initials AM alias S, this is a development from the MFA brothers that he bought from AM alias S,” said Yusri. Finance Solutions

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