ODGJ in NTT Killed by Mobs After Killing Elderly and Injuring Pregnant Woman

The murder case occurred in Southwest Sumba Regency, NTT, Thursday (24/12/2021) afternoon at around 13.00 WITA. ODGJ NTT Killed by Massa Berita Terkini

A man suspected of having a mental disorder (ODGJ) killed a grandmother and injured a pregnant woman.

The mob who did not accept the perpetrator’s action then surrounded the perpetrator’s house and burned the perpetrator’s house.

The mob then attacked the perpetrator until the perpetrator died.

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A number of residents are concerned that the bodies of the perpetrators will be refused to be buried at home because they are considered to have violated customs.

‚ÄúThere were two victims who were stabbed by the perpetrators who were suspected of having mental disorders. 1 victim (Paulina) died at the scene and 1 person (Margareta) is critical and is being treated at the Karitas Waitabulla hospital, Southwest Sumba,” said the Southwest Sumba Police Chief, AKBP Sigit Harimbawa, SIK through the Southwest Sumba Police Criminal Investigation Unit Head. , Iptu Johanes when confirmed, Friday (12/24/2021).

He explained that the family and community were angry because the perpetrator was hiding in the house and did not want to come out so the house was burned. Berita Hari ini

Then the perpetrator came out of the house and was thrown with stones and spears by the family and community.

“Because of the loss of blood, the perpetrator died at the scene,” he said. Berita Politik

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ODGJ in NTT Killed by Mobs After Killing Elderly and Injuring Pregnant Woman Finance Solutions

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