Novel Baswedan about the news that he was threatened with being fired from the KPK

Senior KPK investigator Novel Baswedan admitted that he had heard reports that dozens of anti-graft agency employees, including himself, were threatened with being fired. The reason is because they do not pass the national insight test which is part of the selection for the status transfer of KPK employees to ASN.

“Yes, he said so (fired),” said Novel when contacted, Tuesday (4/5).

The news received by Kumparan was that there were dozens of KPK employees who were declared not passing the selection. There are even some investigators from internal anti-graft agencies and structural officials. Berita Terkini

The novel said that if the news was true, it would feel awkward. This seems to have been seen in the flow since the revision of the KPK Law was carried out.

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“If it is done (dismissal), of course it will be like that (planned since the revision). It’s strange if you don’t pass the WK (National Insight). Please look at the profiles of the people,” said Novel.

He suspected that if it was true that the dismissal was carried out, this would be an effort to get rid of people with integrity in the KPK. Berita Hari ini

“Efforts to get rid of people with integrity have been strived for a long time, but if this information is true, this is the first time such efforts have been made by the KPK leadership,” he said.

External parties have also heard news related to the dismissal of employees who did not pass the ASN selection. Researcher at the Center for Constitutional Studies (PUSaKO) Andalas University, Feri Amsari is one of them. Berita Politik

“I have heard the news that there are employees who do not qualify, including senior employees,” said Feri Amsari.

Regarding the issue of dismissal of employees who did not pass the test, Feri stated that this step did not exist in the revised KPK Law. In addition, if the news of the dismissal was true, Feri said that the KPK employees could sue the PTUN for alleged arbitrary actions.

“The KPK employees should have then sued this to the PTUN, an arbitrary policy,” said Feri.

Meanwhile, the deputy chairman of the KPK, Nurul Ghufron, said the results of the national insight test had indeed been received by the KPK. But the results haven’t been opened yet. Finance Solutions

“We haven’t opened the results of the national insight test, so we don’t know the results and haven’t decided on the next process, please be patient first,” said Nurul.

He also has not confirmed what the KPK’s policy is for employees who do not pass the test. Because he did not want to pretend.

“We have not been able to determine if, if. Later after we open (the result),” said Ghufron.

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