Ms. Risma’s Child’s Confession: It’s basically an angry person, it’s the same at home too

The Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Tri Rismaharini, is known as a firm figure.

Unmitigated, Mrs. Risma, as she is familiarly called, often expresses her emotions in an emotional way so that she emits a fairly high tone of voice. Berita Terkini

All the public in Indonesia already know that Risma’s character has been seen since she was still serving as the Mayor of Surabaya.

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However, it turned out to be normal. This was expressed directly by his son, Fuad Benardi in his post on Instagram.

“It’s basically an angry person, yes. It’s like that at home too. You don’t have to be surprised,” said the upload @fuadbendadi. Berita Politik

PDIP politician Hendrawan Supratikno has joined the defense of Social Minister Mrs. Risma. According to him, the attitude shown is part of Risma’s leadership, who wants to ensure that her staff works well.

“Everyone has a style, so does Mrs. Risma,” said Hendrawan.

He saw that Risma’s attitude was an authentic, honest and reasonable anger. Hendrawan did not see Risma’s outburst of anger as being fabricated, let alone being deliberately theatrical in her leadership. Berita Hari ini

“We see what has been done consistently since serving (as Mayor) in Surabaya,” he said. Finance Solutions

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