Many are stressed because of Covid-19, drug users are also increasing

Director of Community Participation at the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) Richard Marolop Nainggolan revealed that drug abuse in the midst of the pandemic has increased.

So it is necessary to take systematic steps in overcoming these problems. Because the problem of drugs is a crime that is classified as systematic. “So if we look at the existing data, there is a tendency to be even higher, but it can also be said that these conditions are precisely what drug business people take advantage of,” Richard said in his statement, Wednesday (21/7). Berita Terkini

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He did not deny, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the level of public stress was fairly high. This is one of the reasons why drug abuse is increasing. Conditions like this, said Richard, are used by businessmen or drug dealers. On the one hand, he suspects that there are parties who also want to destroy the Indonesian nation by plunging it into the world of drugs. Berita Hari ini

He compared the cases of drug abuse handled by the National Narcotics Agency and the National Police in 2019 and 2020. In 2019, before the pandemic spread in Indonesia, 40,756 cases were handled.

Meanwhile, in 2020, when the pandemic began to spread, the number increased to 45,227 cases. However, this also depends on the activeness of the officers and the people who influence it.

He explained that dealing with drug abuse requires systematic resistance. One of them is by developing the topic of anti-drugs into the educational curriculum at both Elementary Schools (SD), Junior High Schools (SMP), and High Schools (SMA). Berita Politik

“Well, we systematically fight them, provide understanding and knowledge to our children starting from small, of course we hope that it is structured as well because drug crimes are also organized,” said Richard.

In addition, it can also form Task Forces (Satgas) and ministries/agencies by carrying out 26 special actions regulated in Presidential Instruction Number 6 of 2018 which was later updated to Presidential Instruction Number 2 of 2020. The Ministry of Home Affairs itself has followed up by issuing Permendagri Number 12 of 2019 .

Meanwhile, Chairman of the National Anti-Narcotics Movement (Granat) Henry Yosodiningrat explained the problems related to drug abuse. According to him, the drug problem is not just business-oriented but is a crime against humanity.

“We don’t just see that this is a business, but I see behind the back there is an intention from certain parties to destroy this nation,” said Henry. Finance Solutions

He hopes that the handling of drug abuse will focus more on prevention efforts. This prevention must be carried out systematically by involving leaders and scholars in socializing the dangers of drug use.

In addition, another step is the need for better socialization regarding addicts who report. Because not all people understand that if addicts report, they will not be punished. He said, they also need to be monitored so as not to experience extortion. Another problem is the need for additional rehabilitation facilities. “If we fix these three main things properly, God willing, we will achieve that shining Indonesia,” said Henry.

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