Jozeph Paul Zhang Officially Becomes DPO, MUI: Trust it to the Police

The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) appreciates the steps of the police in investigating the alleged case of blasphemy committed by Jozeph Paul Zhang. MUI asked Muslims in Indonesia to be patient so that this case could be handled quickly by the police.

This was said by the Deputy Chairman of the MUI, Anwar Abbas. “I frankly give the highest appreciation and respect to the Chief of Police and Bareskrim who have put Joseph on the wanted list (DPO), yes. And have also made contact with Interpol. So yes for me this is an exciting thing, “he said when contacted by the MNC Portal reporter, Monday (19/4/2021). Berita Terkini

Furthermore, Anwar said the police in this regard did not discriminate in their attitude towards this case. He also said that the words made by Jozeph were an act of blasphemy against Islam.

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“According to Islam, we should not criticize people, not ‘La yaskhqr qoumun min qaumin’,” he said, quoting a cut from Q.S Al Hujarat verse 11.

Then, he asked Muslims in Indonesia to entrust the handling of this case to the police. Because he made sure the police would not leave this case alone. Berita Hari ini

“The police really want to enforce this law in a fair and non-discriminatory manner,” he said.

To note, Joseph Paul Zhang went viral in cyberspace through his statement claiming to be the 26th Prophet. Not only claiming to be a Prophet, Joseph also challenged netizens to identify himself.

Meanwhile, Bareskrim Polri is publishing a List of People Search (DPO) to Jozeph Paul Zhang. This will later become the basis for submitting a Red Notice to Interpol. Berita Politik

With that, Jozeph carried a fugitive. DPO and Red Notice are law enforcement efforts because Jozeph Paul Zhang is suspected of being in Germany.

Meanwhile, regarding law enforcement efforts, the National Police has examined the testimony of expert witnesses. The process was carried out to ensnare Jozeph Paul Zhang in a case of alleged blasphemy or blasphemy.

“The National Police has examined expert witnesses regarding the circulation of the video,” said Karo Penmas, Police Public Relations Division, Brigadier General Rusdi Hartono at a press conference at his office, South Jakarta, Monday (19/4/2021). Finance Solutions

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