Jayapura Papua Residents: We Are Not Allowed To Go Home, But We Cannot Video Call Too

The government issued a policy to prohibit going home on Idulfitri 1442 H or Eid 2021 this year. This policy is to prevent the Covid-19 tsunami from occurring due to the mobility of residents. Berita Terkini

Unfortunately, the implementation of the homecoming ban creates another sadness for the people of Jayapura Papua. How could they not, they have been prohibited from going home but also cannot stay in touch virtually. This is because the submarine optical cable was cut off since the end of last April.

“We are no longer allowed to go home so we are still celebrating Eid in Jayapura, but we are also unable to make ‘video calls’ with the family due to the submarine optical cable that was cut off since April 30, so we can’t get together for Eid al-Fitr online,” said Firman , a government employee in Jayapura, as quoted by Antara, Friday (14/5).

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Firman, who declined to be given his full name, admitted that he had not been able to celebrate Eid with his family since 2020 due to the outbreak of Covid-19. Berita Hari ini

“However, in 2020 we can still make calls via ‘video calls’ so that we can talk to see the whole family,” said Firman.

He admitted that due to telecommunication limitations, the Eid al-Fitr greeting could only be on the phone with relatives without being able to see what was like a “video call”.

“Hopefully the improvements will be made soon so that face-to-face communication can be done so that you can get rid of homesickness with your family,” said Firman. Berita Politik

Meanwhile, GM of PT Telkom Papua, Sugeng Widodo, admitted that residents can make “video calls”, but only in several public places such as hospitals because the capacity has been increased.

“If the ‘video call’ can only be done in several places which are public facilities, but if there are many users it will be difficult,” said Sugeng Widodo. Finance Solutions

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