It turns out that this is the role of two TNI personnel who helped Rachel Vennya

Two members of the TNI are said to have played a role in helping Rachel Vennya escape from the Pademangan Athlete’s Wisma, Jakarta. The role of the two is known based on the results of the interim examination.

“So if he admits that the person concerned helps RV not to stay in quarantine,” said Head of the Jaya Pendam Colonel Arh Herwin BS to reporters at JIExpo, Kemayoran, Jakarta, Sunday, October 24. Berita Terkini

However, there was no further detail on how the two TNI personnel helped Rachel Vennya. The reason is that the two TNI personnel with the initials FS and IG are still being investigated intensively.

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“The inspection is at the POM unit,” said Herwin.

On the other hand, Herwin also emphasized that so far there has been no indication of bribery in the series of actions that have taken place in Rachel Vennya’s escape. However, all assumptions will be investigated to resolve the issue.

“While this confession there is no attempt to bribe,” said Herwin. Previously, two TNI personnel with the initials FS and IG who helped Rachel Vennya escape from quarantine at the Wisma Atlet would be questioned by the Military Police. Both are also said to have the potential to be prosecuted criminally. Berita Politik

“Later, they will be examined by the Military Police in their original unit,” said Herwin.

These two TNI personnel come from different units. Both of them served at the Airport and Wisma Atlet Pademangan.

“The airport task force comes from Koops AU Satu (FS). Then the one in Pademangan comes from Wing Satu Paskhas (IG),” said Herwin.

Rachel Vennya is known to have run away while undergoing quarantine at the Wisma Atlet COVID-19 Emergency Hospital (RSDC) after a vacation from abroad. Berita Hari ini

Kodam Jaya as the Command of the COVID-19 Integrated Joint Task Force delegated the case of Rachel Vennya’s escape to the Police. Finance Solutions

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