Heryanto’s story: Fired by KPK because of TWK, now busy being a house renovation worker

Every day, Heryanto helps renovate his parents’ house in Kampung Makassar, East Jakarta. This activity he did after no longer working at the KPK.

Heryanto has joined the KPK since 2009 as a waiter. Five years later, he was appointed as a temporary employee.

However, on September 30, 2021, the disaster came to Heryanto. He and 56 other KPK employees were fired because they were deemed not to have passed the National Insight Test (TWK). The tests called by Komnas HAM and the Indonesian Ombudsman are problematic. Berita Terkini

Since then he has filled his spare time as a construction assistant. His parents’ house, which was renovated, hopes to be used by Heryanto and his family to live. So, he no longer needs to rent a house.

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“Help renovate my parents’ house for me to live with my family so that I don’t rent another lease and while looking for a job,” said Heryanto while talking to Coil, Wednesday (13/10).

Heryanto also uses his spare time to do other activities. Such as helping children learn to complete their daily homework. Incidentally, Heryanto’s father-in-law’s house is still close to his current rent. Berita Politik

Heryanto admitted that it was difficult to get another job. Factors over, education, and expertise become obstacles. He also welcomed the offer from the National Police Chief Gen. Listyo Sigit to 57 former KPK employees to become National Police ASN.

He admitted that there had been communication between him and 56 other former KPK employees. Currently, we are just waiting for further confirmation from the police and representatives of 57 former KPK employees Berita Hari ini

“The communication is already there, but we just have to wait for further confirmation from the police and from 57 other employees,” he said.

He considered that the offer from the National Police Chief showed that there were still people who believed in the former 57 KPK employees. Although, it has been declared red in the TWK results.

“My response is good, it means that there are still people who believe in us, the 57 employees who did not pass the TWK who really fought for the truth in eradicating corruption even though they were no longer working at the institution,” concluded Heryanto. Finance Solutions

KPK senior investigator Novel Baswedan (right) together with employees who did not pass the TWK stripped of their job identities on the last day of work at the KPK’s Red and White Building, Jakarta, Thursday (30/9/2021). Photo: Indrianto Eko Suwarso/ANTARA PHOTOS

Heryanto is not the only former KPK employee who has swerved. Several other former KPK employees who were similarly removed via TWK also started new activities.

Like the former Head of the Anti-Corruption Learning Task Force for the KPK, Hotman Tambunan, who began to focus on his Toba coffee outlet in South Jakarta. Then, a former Functional Investigator at the KPK Legal Bureau, Juliandi Tigor Simanjuntak, has now turned his back to become a fried rice seller in the Bekasi area.

OTT King Harun Al Rasyid is now focusing on running his basic food business, while teaching at the Islamic boarding school he founded in Bogor. While Novel Baswedan, more time to rest while providing anti-corruption material training.

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