Easter Worship Series at Makassar Cathedral Church Goes Smoothly After Suicide Bomb Attack

The suicide bomb attack at the Makassar Cathedral Church on Sunday (29/3) did not dampen the faith of the congregation to carry out the series of Easter 2021 services. This is because there were many people attending the Way of the Cross worship session on Good Friday (2/4).

A similar situation was also seen in the implementation of the Holy Thursday (1/4) worship yesterday. A number of people were seen following the ritual procession at the church smoothly amidst the tight guard of police officers.

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One congregation named Yohanna (48) said that her faith became stronger after the bomber attacked the Makassar Cathedral Church. That’s why he and other congregations did not hesitate to hold a series of Easter services at the church. Berita Terkini

“Yes (faith is getting stronger), because in the post-bombing period, we felt like, ‘Ouch how is this’, because we can see clearly how it was a suicide bombing,” said Yohanna as quoted by BBC News Indonesia, Friday (2/4).

As an ordinary human, Yohanna did not deny that the incident had traumatized her. This was especially so because all this time he had only witnessed and heard bomb attacks from the mass media.

“We have never seen the names of us humans in our whole life, let alone witnessed the names of bombs like that, we have never seen them, so far we have always seen only on television,” he added. Berita Hari ini

However, Yohanna’s faith in God eventually overcame this fear. “But it turns back to our faith, so automatically when the bishop says that the church will remain open for the three holy days, we as volunteers are ready,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the Makassar Cathedral Church stated that the series of Tri Holy Days worship this week, namely Holy Thursday, Good Friday to Easter Sunday, were held face-to-face and online. This online option is in accordance with the recommendation of the Minister of Religion to minimize the risk of transmission of the Corona virus. Berita Politik

In addition, security guards and police officers are closely guarding the church premises. In anticipation of another terror attack, they inspected every congregation and vehicle that entered the church compound. Finance Solutions

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