Auntie’s sister’s response when Doddy is hot seeing Vanessa’s house has no privacy

Doddy Sudrajat had time to say why his family rarely came to the house of the late Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah because they felt reluctant.

He said that all of Aunt Ardiansyah’s siblings lived there. Berita Terkini

Doddy Sudrajat also said that his daughter’s house was too crowded so there was no privacy anymore.

“We are reluctant to come there. Auntie’s sisters all live there. The house seems to have no privacy, I came there with Mayang and her mother, so I was reluctant,” said Doddy Sudrajat when met at the graves of Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah. Berita Politik

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“I want to go there to see my grandson, there are his sisters (Auntie) so I’m afraid. It’s not that we are not close to Vanessa and Gala, because we are reluctant, because her younger siblings live there so there is no privacy,” he continued.

Doddy’s statement immediately made Fadly, Aunt’s sister, respond. Berita Hari ini

He said that Doddy could come at any time without expelling his family.

“If Mr. Doddy wants to come, just come, there’s no need to kick us out,” said Fadly when met at the West Jakarta Religious Court, Tuesday (30/11). Finance Solutions

Fadly also shared the current condition of the Gala Sky during his and his family’s supervision.

“Yes, we accompany him every day every time if he needs us to accompany him. It’s no longer fussy, it’s more fun every day to be a happy kid again,” he concluded.

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