Allegedly Polygamy with Attorney General, PNS Reported

The Deputy Executive Director of Jaga Adhyaksa, Satria Surbakti, reported a female civil servant in the Attorney General’s office to the State Civil Apparatus Commission (KASN).

The civil servant was reported for allegedly being the second wife of Attorney General ST Burhanuddin. In addition, the female civil servant is also suspected to have had a husband. Berita Terkini

Satria explained that this condition contradicted PP No. 45 of 1990 which regulates the marriage or divorce of civil servants.

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“We reported violations related to the prohibition for civil servants and civil servants’ wives for polygamy. The second is the allegation that they are in the same institution, namely the Attorney General’s Office,” said Satria when contacted, Thursday (4/11).

In Article 4 PP No. 45 of 1990, male civil servants who will have more than one wife are required to obtain permission from the relevant officials. Meanwhile, female civil servants are not allowed to have polygamy either as a second, third, or fourth wife. Berita Politik

If the allegations that the Attorney General St. Burhanuddin is married to a civil servant within the Attorney General’s office are proven to be true, then the female civil servant has violated Government Regulation No. 45 of 1990.

In accordance with Government Regulation (PP) Number 94 of 2021 concerning Civil Servant Discipline, there are disciplinary sanctions for civil servants who practice polygamy and divorce. Civil servants who violate the provisions will be subject to one of the disciplinary penalties.

Satria said a husband and wife with civil servant status should not be in the same work environment. Meanwhile, Attorney General ST Burhanuddin is alleged to have married an official within the Attorney General’s Office.

“It is not permissible for a wife to be in the ASN in the same work environment. There will be administrative sanctions,” he said.

Attorney General ST Burhanuddin is also suspected of violating MPR Decree No. XI of 1998 concerning the Implementation of a Clean and KKN-free State because he has a wife in the same work environment.

has contacted the Head of the Legal Information Center (Kapuspenkum) of the Attorney General’s Office, Leonard Eben Ezer Simanjuntak but the person concerned has not responded. Berita Hari ini

Meanwhile, when contacted separately, the Chairman of the State Civil Apparatus Commission (KASN) Agus Pramusinto said he would investigate reports related to the marital status of ST Burhanuddin and female civil servants within the Attorney General’s Office.

“In accordance with existing regulations, we will clarify with various parties. We must review the report,” Agus told reporters at the KASN office. Finance Solutions

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