Allegedly Having Heart Attack, Cyclist Died at JLNT Kampung Melayu-Tanah Abang

A cyclist named John (62) died on the Non-Toll Road Flyover (JLNT) Kampung Melayu-Tanah Abang, Jakarta, on Sunday (23/5/2021) morning.

He is thought to have died of a heart attack.

Head of the Traffic Division of the DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency, Rudy Saptari, said that his party received reports of cyclists sitting on the edge of JLNT Kampung Melayu-Tanah Abang. Berita Terkini

The report was given by a cyclist who saw John in a fainted position.

“Then we immediately contacted the ambulance that had been provided and headed straight to the location, the information was available at the time of the incident,” said Rudy when contacted, Sunday morning.

When he was found, John was leaning against the wall of JLNT from the direction of Casablanca to Tanah Abang.

John’s bicycle was also propped against the wall. Berita Hari ini

“Suspected like that (had a heart attack). His family also agreed that he had a history of heart disease, “said Rudy.

Rudy said, John was allegedly exhausted while cycling at JLNT Kampung Melayu-Tanah Abang.

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John’s heart rate, continued Rudy, was quite high when viewed from the application that was brought.

“Judging by the garment, the one who pressed the bicycle had a high heart rate of 180,” said Rudy. Berita Politik

John was brought to Tarakan Hospital using an ambulance owned by the Jakarta Health Agency AGD.

Rudy said John’s family was already at the Tarakan Hospital.

“Incidentally I was still in Tarakan Hospital with my deceased family,” added Rudy. Finance Solutions

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