After being stripped of his wife’s tail showing off money, the former Tebingtinggi police chief wrote an apology

Usai Dicopot Buntut Istri Pamerkan Uang, Eks Kapolres Tebingtinggi Tulis Permohonan Maaf

The ex-Kapolres Tebingtinggi, AKBP Agus Sugiyarso, wrote a farewell message after being removed from his position. He was removed due to a viral video of his wife showing off a wad of money on social media (social media) TikTok.

Based on the telegram letter of the National Police Chief on Monday (11/1/2021), it was stated that AKBP Agus Sugiyarso had been transferred to Pamen Yanma Polri, in order to evaluate the position. The decision was stated in the ST of the National Police Chief Number ST/2280/X/KEP./2021 dated October 31, 2021, which was signed by the US National Police HR Inspector General Wahyu Widada on behalf of the National Police Chief. Berita Terkini

After the removal, Agus Sugiyarso wrote a message on his personal Instagram account, Tuesday (2/11/2021). The message entitled “THAT TIME” was also a goodbye to colleagues, friends, and the community.

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He said that being a leader must be at the front when the storm comes, be in the middle when there is peace and quiet, and be behind when winning. The leader does not fly because of praise and does not shake because of insults, but must be ready to carry the burden even if it is not a squeezing hand. Berita Politik

“There will come a time when we cannot meet as often as before, spend time together and chat which is not as easy as it used to be, realizing that the shadows of separation are getting real,” Agus said in his message, as quoted.

“I never really remember how we first met, then became close and formed a relationship called “Friendship”, what I clearly remember and all I know is that I was lucky to know you and to be “one” of the many friends you have met. have,” he wrote.

He said, in friendship, you can’t always be in line and of the same mind. Differences are always found in many ways.

“But shouldn’t human thinking be like that, never able to be truly similar, even though sometimes pretending and acting, but all these differences are what make learning about many things,” he said.

It teaches about open-mindedness, firmness in making choices, and genuine concern. One another teaches toughness and some others teach patience, obedience to the Creator and teach how we should be have about things that sometimes need to be ignored. Berita Hari ini

Agus also thanked his friends and relatives for always being able to encourage him to always be better. He hoped that no matter what happened after this, whatever it would be, those memories would always be a place to come home to to smile and have sweet dreams again.

“For all my brothers and sisters, it is indeed never ready to face a single word called farewell, but no matter what and we will definitely face it and will get through it. After all, we will surely meet again with new people. Indeed, that is life, some go and some come,” he said.

He hopes that he will always be able to remember and reminisce about the fun time together and spent together while serving at the Tebingtinggi Police Station.

⁣ “We never know what it will be like after this, we will still be able to meet often or even not at all. But one thing must be said that has never been able to be said directly all this time, “THANK YOU”. Finance Solutions

“Thank you for being my friend, my best friend as well as my family, thank you for going through so many things together, thank you for all the laughter and all the fun things so far, thank you for making you so much better and making you dare to dream,” he wrote.

“I know what we are like and this may sound like an exaggeration, but it can never be denied that this is one of the most beautiful gifts God has ever sent and it really means a lot. Maybe it’s not fair, because it has led to a lot of good but never did a lot of good for us.”

Agus said that if he could no longer just meet and gather, he didn’t want to blame anyone. Maybe a lot of things get in the way of that.

“Indeed, there are certainly many more important things ahead for us to live with and deal with. Maybe it’s only longing that will always come, but believe me, it’s the longing that will make it clear that we were once together,” he said.

At the end of his message, Agus said goodbye and apologized.

“Let me say goodbye accompanied by sorry for the shortcomings and weaknesses that exist, I’m also sorry for not being able to be an example for all my friends and brothers, rest assured… if this good intention and heart still greet each other, we are actually together,” he concluded.

Previously, a viral video on TikTok showed the wife of the Tebingtinggi Police Chief AKBP Agus Sugiyarso, Eci Agus Sugiyarso showing off a wad of money.

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